Saturday, 18 November 2006

The World’s most important brand: Me

There are two brand that strike as very important to me. The first is God. And the second is me.

If God appeared on the planet and launched a new range of product (no matter what), he would be market leader in no time. His only problem would be “pricing”. How could he, the world’s greatest equaliser, price to make a profit?

But lets come to the more relatable example. Me. I am a brand. When I was born, I was the most important brand to two people- my parents. As I have grown and come in contact with other people, my “awareness” has increased. One day, before I die, I would like to be well known and valuable. Think product life cycle curve.

To do this, I use the 4Ps of marketing. But first, I have segmented the market, targeted an audience and positioned myself.

I realise that I cannot be everything to everyone. I realise that I enjoy the company of some people and not of others. And I realise that I am good at doing some things, and not at others. I enjoy doing some things and not all. Just like anyone else.

But as my own brand manager, I take things a bit further. I ask – “who am I?”

Through much reflection, I describe my self as follows:

I see myself as an inquisitive, hard working person who stands apart on account of his ability to identify problems, simplify them, communicate them and then allocate resources to solving them. I enjoy being with people who share this point of view.

This is key. This is what I have identified will give me sustained differentiation and value in the market place. This is the brand statement. All that I do is to be measured against this.

I then focus my energy in being consistent. I am not a “mass market” product. I am open to some people, closed to others. Mr. Mohandas Gandhi was mass market and he clearly showed the high degree of focus required even in establishing a strong mass market brand. (contrary to common practice?)

So I develop myself as a “product” on these principals. In terms of place and promotion, I select how and where to promote myself, what kind of an evolution to select. It is in terms of “price” once again, that I am yet to establish benchmarks. I can say that I add value and therefore tend to get a “higher than market price” in exchange of my efforts.


And as a product, I look back on myself and I look forward to the future; measuring the choices that I make in their effectiveness to enhancing my brand image, recognition and value. I seek to remain relevant. Professionally and personally. Identifying niches, developing myself to fill them. As a husband, son, brother, friend and colleague.


So, as says the TAG Heuer brand statement “ What are you made of” .

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