Saturday, 18 November 2006

Apple- iPod

Easy to carry, great to look at and a top class performer.

The ipod creates my individual space in a discreet way, while at the same time helping me make a statement through the choice of the brand. As a closed system (like the Apple computer) it creates an exclusivity- at the same time, a larger sense of community which has arisen through the rapid acceptance of the product.

The overall Apple promise comes through elegant product design, efficiency and ease of use.

I find its advertising catchy and chic. There is a consistence in its customer contact moments, and this helps Apple retain a strong bond with its customers. A bond that translates into rapid penetration of new product. The ipod, unlike the Mac, being at a lower price point allowed a rapid transition to mass market (from the early adapter stage).

In a world where convergence expresses itself in every product (eg- phones with MP3/ email / video capabilities), the iPod stands alone in successfully delivering one singular benefit.

Apple does not deliver a new product every 3 months (like a Nokia). iPod clam/ iPod Sliver/ iPod Razr/ …no…..its simply convinced us that every Apple innovation is a gift…to be enjoyed and savoured; that Apple is a better judge of form- and in believing that, we can keep ourselves focused on choosing and experiencing the content.

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