Saturday, 18 November 2006

Coke- Coca Cola

Arguably the most well known brand / logo in the world. The logo itself does not communicate anything about the product. However the free flowing font in the deep red background communicates to me a bold - free personality. Because i have seen it now in every country i have travelled to, i admire its universal acceptance.

I have not drunk this product in months, nor wish to in the future. Somehow the brand has been unable to fight off the influence of health and fruit drinks on me. I cannot associate healthy living with the logo. While i cannot recall any coke advertisement as particularly memorable, "the all American" association to the brand was enough to get me choose Coke over every other alternative.

The brand Coke puts to rest all notions of innovation as key to sustaining a brand. Its just in your face- every day, everywhere...when i ever choose the coke logo i am simply choosing between Coke and Pepsi.

And perhaps this is what endears me to the logo. In this simple act of choosing the one among the two, I feel empowered. Its a great leveller. I may feel embarrassed that i chose Bata over Gucci. Or tap water over Perrier. But, you cant judge me by the Cola that i choose. I prefer the Red American team to the Blue American team. And no matter who you are- me or Tom Cruise or Bill Clinton, in the world of colas, you choose either the one or the other.

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