Saturday, 18 November 2006


I wonder why people pay more to drive a BMW when you can as well buy a Ford. And get to point B in roughly the same time.

But I travel second class.

What strikes me about BMW, is the boldness and relevance of the brand promise. The ‘Ultimate Driving experience’. Its direct. Superlative. It makes a solid promise, and going by its reputation (and profits), keeps that promise.

The other remarkable point is I have not seen a BMW talk of hybrids. Or new fuel technologies. Again, the focus is on the ‘ultimate driving experience’. If the new technology has not been mastered to provide that experience, let’s not go there yet.

There are those that will pay for the pleasure of a good driving experience. BMW has seemed to focus solely on that. Never mind the ‘mass market’; never mind large production runs to cover fixed costs. A great promise. Focused to the right customer. And kept up to date.

I know I like to keep driving to a minimal. I keep to speed limits. And I take curves cautiously. I prefer to trust myself rather than my car. I am not a BMW target.

And I have never felt spoken to by the BMW. In that one fact, I respect the solid customer understanding and focus of this brand.

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