Saturday, 18 November 2006


Its American, and the founder was the big daddy of the ‘mass production way’. The logo itself seems casual, and friendly. Nothing too officious about it. Iconic but no longer alluring. It has not, in a long while, given a ‘wow’ moment to the car enthusiast. In a segmented world, Ford has been unable to create/deliver a relevant promise.

To me, a Ford can’t compete with Toyotas’ brand equity on quality/ with BMW on the promise of driving excellence or with Honda for image and value. Yet, its legacy carries it in the face of the second line of car brands. I would prefer it to Rover/ Renault/ Peugeot. I would put it in the same class as a GM make. It’s a value brand, not an aspirational one.

A brand should entice me. Fill me with anticipation, and then blow me off with its performance.

With a Ford, I’m just buying second class fare.

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