Thursday, 19 February 2009

Microsoft Retail Stores

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Way to go MS.

Control over distribution is a very very important element in marketing sophisticated products.

Zune/ X Box/ Windows.

Are these sophisticated?

Perhaps not. But MS can definitely make them.
Ritu and I use maybe 5% of Window's capabilities. We are not alone. An MS store is a great way to link with consumers who want to learn more about a product. (even if it is not their first choice, but then most of us are forced to use MS anyway)
MS can use the retail environment to educate consumers.

How about X Box. A retail environment is a good place to bring in the enthusiasts. Demo some new concepts...capabilities...have some expert gamers show their moves. It engages consumers.

And the Zune. Like the Xbox, its also a great platform to get closer to consumers. Entertain with its capabilities/ song options.

MS can definitely use a retail environment to build a community of users. This move is long overdue. Good luck!

Ritu and Venkat

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