Sunday, 1 February 2009

what's your idea of protection? The National Insurance Company (India)

This ad in the newspapers caught our attention for two reasons.

1. it plays on a very Indian concept. Astrology/ numerology and such perspectives play a key role in how Indians plan for life/ marriage/ child birth/ careers.

Usually a "not so benign" planet in the horoscope casting an unfavourable influence is put right by a particular gem (precious stone) that seeks to mitigate the bad effect. Traditionally, this has been the notion of insurance in India.

The ad plays on this concept asking whether a life insurance policy will not cover a number of risks all at once. Our congratulations to the advertising/ marketing agency that identified and developed a creative around this.

2. The second reason was that while Ritu looked at the "thoda simple socho" (think simple) and "is this idea of protection" to make the connection to an insurance plan, i looked at all the precious stones on the fingers and believed this to be an ad for a jewellery shop.

Both of us agree that the execution of the idea could have been bolder,
especially a stronger tag line and more immediate focus on the National Insurance Company.

Still a great idea. And follows the principle of my marketing professor Mithileshwar Jha, that products for the masses must be built bottom up. So a product like insurance must be built upon how the common man looks at his current insurance needs and solutions, rather than look at what a good solution is and start explaining the same. (although both should lead to the same end result, the former approach faces lower perception barriers)

ritu and venkat

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