Thursday, 12 February 2009

Dido's news album- Meru Cabs and a lost marketing opportunity

Ritu received a complementary CD of Dido's new release Safe Trip Home.

This CD was sent by Meru Cabs... a taxi service in India.

We thought it was a brilliant idea for a taxi company to send a CD titled "Safe Trip Home" to its women customers, given that the security of lone women passengers in India is such a concern.

But here is the problem.

The lyrics dont really tie in with Meru's idea of linking the CD to a safe trip home in a Meru taxi.
What the package missed was some communication around safety for women when traveling alone.

- some tips before you get into a taxi...
- a help line to call in case of an emergency....
- some emergency self defence ideas....

By tying in concern for women passengers and demonstrating what it was doing to make their journey safe, Meru could have taken a very strong postion.

Sony BMG's cross promotional team did a great job in roping in Meru taxis for the launch. But Meru goofed up in not maximising this opportunity.

Great brands engage, educate, entertain.

Meru truly engaged and entertained us by sending this appropriately titled CD. An opportunity to educate the consumer was lost. A pity.

Ritu and Venkat

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