Monday, 23 February 2009

dont despair marketers, sometimes life stands still....

It happened with me twice.

I was stood still in front on an elevator for the umpteenth time in my life. But this was in a mall in Bangalore was different.
The elevator was fully painted with an advertisement for a property developer. In the 3 minutes i waited, i lernt of the various properties this developer had built in Bangalore, his upcoming projects and contact details.

Ritu and I were impressed by the use of my time.

Then, during an interval at the movies, i went to the rest room. Very clean (for a change). And just above the urinals, i saw more ads. In the two minutes i was stood there, i learnt about upcoming movies, thier plots and key actors.

And i asked myself why i would not advertise more products in this space. Especially products that were looking to educate consumers with information. I would have their undivided attention.

Ritu and I believe, if marketing managers need to find places where life stands absolutely still and they have their consumers undivided attention, lifts and well maintained toilets are not bad options.

Anything else comes to mind?

Venkat and Ritu

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