Tuesday, 12 January 2010

TV programming, advt dollars , and the audience!

The note below is taken from a site we visit regularly www.thoughtgadgets.com.
Insightful comments on happenings in the marketing world.

The authors argue "TV networks don't exist to serve content to audiences; they exist to serve *audiences* to advertisers."


We agree. And explore deeper this idea in the case of an emerging country like India where there are no "content" dedicated TV channels, and no segmentation in the market. Each channel wants to grab the same eyeballs- so very little differentiation.

Over the past few years, Ritu and I saw that we were tuned out completely from prime time TV viewing, because the channels would only show drama and reality shows. How could Indian audiences (teens) for reality shows and drama (older aged) be relevant targets for advertisers? The 30-40 year old of our generation had disposable incomes, yet hardly getting any content on prime time TV.

All this changes with new technologies. We now watch recordings of programs that appear late at night. This is a very new technology in India unlike in the West.
And herein lies a new pot of gold for TV channels. This recording technology will allow advertisers to get in front of audiences irrespective of show times.

What then becomes prime time? Interesting thoughts that came out of our reading of thoughtgadgets.com today.

Ritu and venkat

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