Sunday, 24 January 2010

reproduction- your best bet against fundamentalism?

I was reading a note in the economist on how hindus- muslims integrate well into American society and do well for themselves. And avoid radicalism. It re-iterates what i have always believed- that economic growth is the best way to integrate people and cultures. A rich population has little blame to levy on its neighbors.

A very random thought...the declining population growth rate of western economies (christian faith), declining population growth rate in India, China. And conversely, where are population growth rates the highest? In parts of the world with least economic opportunity- arabic states in the gulf/ middle east...and Africa.

High population and low economic opportunities are fueling violent expressions of intolerance.

Fortunately, violent fundamentalists represent a very small fraction- but is it possible that as we leave unresolved issues confronting the muslim world to fester, that these numbers will grow?

For all the technology of the west - surveillance, preventive and predictive analytical techniques, large armies have often beaten back technologically superior ones.

While i dont predict doomsday, i ask whether developed countries should focus more on increasing their population?
Not to prepare to fight wars, but to demonstrate very clearly that we love our way of life so much that we are bringing more people into it. Should that not be a good advertisement for progress? Why doesnt Obama make this a central piece of his administration?

And hopefully grandad will not have to learn to use a big gun! Just kidding! :-)


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