Sunday, 24 January 2010

If you didnt build it, and cant control it, dont try to sell it!

Pretty poetic title, inspired by a report (click on title to read) on Nokia building in navigation software to boost sales in China.

Its a good service and like "life tools" in India aimed at building services into the phone proposition.

So far so good. But is this expected to help pricing or market share?

We think unlikely in the long run.


Because the open standards on these services will allow other companies to build, bundle and sell similar services.

But its all good for the consumer and we dont argue against that.

What we think should be optimised in companies, is the capacity to build proprietary technology and control of the distribution and access to that technology.

Everything else is tactical.

In a technology company, technological innovation must be at the core. Alliances and partnerships built on these proprietary technologies are to be valued.

ritu and venkat

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