Thursday, 1 September 2011

success and failure

Would you feel fortunate if you had neither of either or too many of both?(just a point to mull over, we dont have a point of view on it)

Ritu and I were speaking of Steve Jobs...the discussion went into a comparison with Bill Gates...Sabeer Bhatia (Hotmail)...and a few other names popped up including Edison.

Bill Gates hit gold on his first try- the result Microsoft and world domination.
The problem? No second wind- no more innovations.

Jobs- failed with the Mac; failed with Newton; failed with Next....and then came back to be daddy of all tech companies.

Sabeer Bhatia- hit with hotmail...and then?

Try a few more...

Small sample size, but what the heck- go ahead and fail a bit. Build a strong gut and then keep trusting it.

Ritu and Venkat

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Rahul Tyagi said...

good one venkat, will look forward to more from you...