Sunday, 29 August 2010

fake IPL blogger- SICKO !!

Hello Mr Anupam Mukerji, the fake IPL blogger. I think you are a sicko. Get help.
And while you are at it, please invite the people at the Times of India who gave you front page cover for revealing your identity. Not one apologetic word from you- you idiot. Just what are you??

I laughed hysterically at your coverage of the IPL2. Hysterically. I thought you were the funniest dude around. But you were anonymous. A fictitious character- making fun of other people, calling them names, abusing their families- mothers and sisters....and making a serious spectacle of cricket. It was never real. But i laughed (maybe i need help too?)

Now you come out into the open- you become a real person. One claiming public accolade for your abusive language. And you dont even apologise to those you have abused. What kind of people brought you up?

You are out of your mind.

But you do hold up a mirror on our society today- do we accept people that heap abuse on others? are we able to separate fact and fiction? is it really cool to make money laughing at others, instead of at ourselves? Does the Times of India not debate this at all before speaking to their readers?

F@$%, you make Chetan Bhagat appear a rock star.

I hope 'appam' sues you. And wins.


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