Wednesday, 12 November 2008

David CARR on Electoral triumph built on a Web revolution

Came across this in the International Herald Tribune. Its a very nice note and you will now read millions like these on how Obama won the elections.

Empowerment and Connectivity.

These are the key trends of our times.

In the US, access to the internet is very deep. Across age groups.
The internet allows us(comsuners) to communicate our point of view. And gravitate towards groups that hold our beliefs. It allows the marketer (Obama) to share his views real time, continuously with his audience. A two way engagement.

But this is true now in every domain. The Nike+ site brings together hundreds of thousands of passionate runners. Who compete against themselves and others through the site.

Products/ service/ brands that build these aspects of "self expression" and "connection to a community" into their offer, will definitely find loyal and passionate customers.

Caution: The internet is a two way communication device. Obama, having been elected on the power of the internet has to definitely realise that his stakeholders now expect to be equally engaged during his presidency.

Application to India:

1. too many interest groups....200 political do you get a "mass movement" on any subject now without it being diluted by caste/ income/ language?

2. access to the internet do you develop a two way communication with the masses?

It will not work yet, at least not as a political tool at the national level. Definitely worth a try to engage young voters in the large cities of India.

Yet, for Marketers that are interested to develop strong consumer ties with at least the "niche" that have regular internet access, this is the way forward.

Its connectivity and empowerment.

Ritu and Venkat

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