Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Arsene Wenger and his management philosophy at Arsenal Football Club...

Mr. Wenger demanded more support from the fans of Arsenal for his very young team.

Please read through this note, Mr. Wenger speaks of the need to support young talent while taking the bold (and necessary) step of putting them in the hot seat.
He speaks of keeping an eye on the future, yet striving for excellence today.

He speaks of investing based on internal accruals and not borrowings.

He speaks of willingness to bring in outside talent when the need arises.

I was very impressed by this gentleman. Not many football managers (or CEOs) speak with such clarity.

And he is a Frenchman in the English Premier League.

The fans have responded very positively (based on the posted comments).

Talk of bridging the cultural barriers as well.

("This is football you know..... you write it", said Ritu)

Here's another note of the game recently where the average age of the AFC team was 22 years! Playing in the champions league.

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