Sunday, 16 September 2012

Gilette and Apple.....and mousetraps

Gilette- the best a man can has five vibating blades on its razor and a trimmer too....Will i be excited about their next launch? Nope. I know it will have a 6th blade and maybe a small module to add colorback to my greying moustache. Great brands Engage, educate and entertain. They brng to you the "next" lifestyle ehancing product. are simply waiting for a Smsung to happen to yu. Which brngs me to Apple. Apple 5; ipad 3..... thinner/ lighter/ sharper lens....somewhere i am lost in what the point of a "better mousetrap" experience is. The good news is you keep the pricing in the same range, so it just feels like an upgrade each time i buy an iphone 4 after a 3. But that was not the point of an Apple. You upgrade a Nokia.... or a Samsung. An Apple you buy for the "next big thing". Maybe the next big thing dos not happn every year in this business. Sure, but then 5 years after the iphone, Apple has not given us abetter user experience or interface. Samsung has become a serious contender only for that reason. Sansung offers me better incrementality than Apple. Apple will continue to grow on the back of the brand it has built. Across the globe more and more people, as incomes ride, will get into the "aspirational brand purchase" mode and buy Apple.....for a while. Because soon Apple will get commoditised and Sansumg will offer better value for money. Nokia will catch up eventually. Apple perhaps did not have any choice. Its iphone 4 was losing all comparisons with Samsungs new range. So a better mouse trap was needed. But i certainly hope the iphone 6 is around the corner and will redefine what a mobile phone means. Again. Venkat

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