Wednesday, 16 March 2011

advertiting television technology

We've been seeing some interesting advertisements on selling new Direct to home technology and new TV technology.

The problem with advertising new resolution levels i sthat the viewer still sees the images on his current TV. Hence any claims about clarity are difficult to experience. 2 companies have come with interesting approaches:

Sony- Sony is using DHoni making some cricket plays as the base story. However, they are closing in to the images, running them in slow motion in order to emphasise the dew, the sweat runing down his face, the seam position on the ball etc. TO demonstrate that the level of detail that is visible on their new TVs are truly amazing. Point made. Hope the TVs are really that good.

Airtel - airtel is emphasising its internet TV as providing very cear images. The way they do this is to have two stories running concurrently on the screen- and its difficult to distinguish whats real and whats being played on TV, till the end of the ad. Again trying to show that so clear is their picture technology that reality and screen can get confused. Point made.

Well done.

Ritu and Venkat

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