Friday, 20 March 2009

Disney features it's first black princess

I think Disney announced this way back in 2007 (not sure), but i read the note today (click on title).

And i think its wonderful. Disney is reflecting the diversity of society in its film. And its great. Beacause kids will see this film in huge numbers.

And they will see a market leader (market educator) and massive entertainer reaffirming the social context that they find themselves in.

I hope kids will be also assured that beauty has no color... and yet it comes in every color.

I hope kids speak about why such and such character was black and not the other one. And i hope that their teachers and parents tell them that good and evil have no color codes. To remove bias/ to mold behavior...we need to begin early.

This is a wonderful step. I hope companies in India take on this kind of role.

Not just make fancy ads using the latest technologies. But remind consumers of the world they live in and of the impact that their every choice has on the world.

Saving the environment is a message that can be built into every product and service. Yet it is not.

Conserving Energy. Recycling/ Reusing.... its up to large corporations to take the leading role in shaping how future generations think.

For too long corporations have motivated consumers to pamper themselves and satisfy their every need.

Lets find some corporations that talk to their consumers about appropriate levels of consumption. About personal responsibility. And this can be made fun.

It just needs some real leadership.

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