Saturday, 2 December 2006


What’s in this name?

This brand is a contradiction to me. Each time I think of Sony ,I am reminded of its high quality and success as a consumer brand. Led by the category of TVs. But then , more with the Walkman- it was the ‘must have’ brand of the 80s.

And to me, it has since failed. It missed some key emerging categories- mp3 players/ mobile phones…all that could have gained from its expertise in miniaturisation. Categories that are so personal, so important in the expression of individuality. Brands that help me express myself/ create my personal space/ even as I participate in a busy life- those are the brands I stick with. And here, Sony is missing.

Sony has instead placed its bets on notebooks. On Play Stations. On a new DVD format. But Sony operates in consumer goods categories where it is getting out manoeuvred in the ‘cool factor’. In an ‘open standards’ world, LG/ Samsung and Philips have all achieved the level of quality Sony promises. The ‘wow’ that Sony achieved with its Walkman is missing now from its offerings.

I would still be very happy to receive a Sony as a gift. But would I want to spend my own money on it?

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